Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Algae, Citations, and Essay Writing!

To Start with, I would like to show the agenda of this Science Class:
 1) What is Algae Biofuel?
                                                                                2) How do I cite sources?
                                                                          3)Your essay outlines
                                                                                 4) Starts Writing the essay

First, we watched a video and read an essay about algae. After that, we did an outline as a class as an example to help us with our essays.

Outline Example:

Paragraph One: Gas Drilling & Creation of a Mud Volcano in East Java, Indonesia, in 2007.  
drill for gas by down > 2km Lapindo Company, mud volcano was created exploded killed 12 people and immediately flood villages

Paragraph Two:
gas is used for cooking

chemical → heat

natural gas is separated into different fuels
propane is put in storage tanks and used for cooking in people’s homes
natural gas pipelines are used to transport gas to power plants, ex)semarang which are burned
chemical → thermal of water → kinetic of steam → kinetic turbine → electricity

Paragraph Three: thermal of earth → kinetic of mud
damage was done by hot mud covering people and houses and villages,
continues to flow today include stats on numbers
threatens to damage main railway and highway in east java

Paragraph Four: dyke/dam was built around the area,
tried to put concrete and rocks in the volcano but it wasn’t stopped
some people were given money but not a lot

Paragraph Five (Conclusion):
energy released by creation of the hole for drilling was massive and caused lots of destruction

future → don’t drill in areas near there or that are similar geography
give people $$ that lost their homes.

What should you do in the Outline? Watch this video:

To finish the Class, students started to work on their rough draft of their essay, using their notes on the outline to help them and following the instructions to make a works cited list for anything that they used on their essays that isn't theirs. These are the steps:

How to make a works cited list for any ideas, facts, or images you use in your essay:


Open the source URL in another tab/window that you are going to cite.

Open the source URL in another tab/window that you are going to cite.  Copy the URL from a source that you are using.
Highlight the URL.
Push [command] + [c].
Paste it into the box that says “Enter website address or keywords to cite”.  
Paste by pushing
[command] + [v]
On the next page, add any additional information to the page that easybib.com couldn’t find for you.  If you can’t find any more information, it’s ok.
Click Create Citation.
Add more citations for ALL your other sources by following steps 2 to 5.  You need a minimum of 2 citations.

Write the following title at the bottom of your project:

Works Cited

Copy all of your citations from easybib.com and paste them below the title Works Cited.
Check that all your sources are there and that they are in alphabetical order.

Check that there is one line of spacing between each work cited.
See example at bottom of this document.

Works Cited

"Blue Whale." ThinkQuest. Oracle Foundation. Web. 01 May 2012.

By: Juliana Regen

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  1. What is algae biofuel? Your scribe post should describe what we learned about it.


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