Thursday, 26 September 2013

Want to get and A on your essay? Write a burger!


In the beginning of the class, we were surprised by something we do every year, the lock down drill.

Learning how to use citations on your text: 

Examples of in-text citation: 

Why do we cite our sources of information:
  1. To give credit to those who we take ideas, facts or images from.
  2. To give our reader opportunity to find other sources that are related to the topic.
  3. To keep a record for ourselves where we got information.
  4. To obey the law and general ethics.
To make your essay/work more legitimate and more credible (believable).  

Comparing essays do burgers:

Our essays may not be as good as juicy burgers but, they have some good similarities. 

Why is our essay like a hamburger?

  1. The introduction and the conclusion hold the body together.  Without the introduction and conclusion - without the buns - the middle falls apart.  Your essay is just like a good burger; it should stay together.  

  1. Your essay body (paragraphs two, three and four) has the most interesting details in it.  The most flavourful parts, such as the meat and the cheese, go in the body.  The juicy detail will impress your reader.  

  1. The conclusion is the second half of the bun.  The introduction and conclusion are often a little plain, just like the flavour of the buns, but they are essential to making your essay complete.

    The paragraphs of your essay should come together to create a juicy burger and a awesome essay!
 General tips for your essay: 
  • Your paragraph should always begin with the main idea fro your paragraph
  • The follow are some strategies to connect your paragraphs:
    1. Use the same words at the end of one paragraph and the beginning of the next paragraph.
    For example:

    ... Lusi was the unexpected product of hot mud rising from a hole made by exploratory drilling by the largest oil and gas company in Indonesia called Lapindo.  
    Lapindo was drilling for a valuable and useful resource: 
    natural gas…
    2. Write comparisons and contrasts to the previous paragraph.

    3. Add to the ideas from the previous paragraph.

    4. Use transition words.
    Here are two essays examples that Mr.Pro made.

    At the end of class, students had until 11:00 am to work on their essays.

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