Thursday, 15 August 2013

Write a Fantastic Blog Post

There are four pieces to a blog post as follows:

  1. A compelling title that relates to the content
  2. Content  
    1. Use relevant vocabulary in the correct context.
    2. Use visuals - photos, diagrams & images - that help explain the content.
    3. Observe LARK (legal, appropriate, responsible and kind).  
    4. Support content using hyperlinks to add value to the post.  
    5. Add other media, such as youtube videos, that support the content can also be added.
    6. Organize the content so it's easy to follow.
    7. Relate to personal interest and knowledge.    
  3. Labels
    1. will be used to find information later on
    2. organizes the posts
    3. scribe, unit, investigative, research, writing, testing, real-life photos, how to, announcements, 
  4. Hit the Publish button or Save it using the Save button!

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