Wednesday, 28 August 2013

What will electricity flow through?

In the first part of class, we talked about what we were going to do in class. We talked about the burning of the potato chips and making qualitative observations. 

Next, we talked about which things electricity would flow through. Here is the hypothesis: Electricity will flow through metals but not plastics. Next we predicted what would flow with C ( Conducts) or I (Insulates). Tons of them were (I) because they were plastic and some were (C) because they were metal or have to do with metal.

Here is the experiment we did in class.  You need a conductor for the electricity (battery),  2 alligator clip wires ( to connect electricity) a battery holder ( for the electricity of the battery to be spread) and a ammeter ( to measure the current of the electricity. In the pan were many different materials including: Pencil, Pen, motor, pyrite, graphite, quartz, bar magnet, wire with copper exposed, wire completely insulated, rubber hose, rusty nail and a paper clip
After the experiment, we had to write down the current of the electricity, comparing different objects.

Here is the predictions on the document.They show I and C

Some of the conclusions of the experiment were that the predictions were right in all of them except one, electricity flows through graphite. Also, some of the materials flow more that the others. For example, the bar magnet ( +3 electricity flow) was more than pyrite (0.4 electricity flow) Diffrent people also got different results. For example someone got +3 for graphite and another person got +1.8 ( These numbers are the current current).

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  1. Refer back to the lesson to make sure you included all the skills!

    Some of the skills involve predicting results. Making qualitative observations is another skill.


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