Thursday, 22 August 2013

What Involves Most Money? Oil!

Mr. Pro started explaining to the class how the scribe's posts should be. Step 1- Summarize all the context and skills during the class. Step 2- Use medias Step 3- Organize the blog post into clear sections. 


  • 7 out of 10 biggest companies in the world
  • Middle east has a lot of oil
  • Everything we buy is made of oil

Even a eraser is made of oil: 

or glass:  

Task book:
1) Where does it come from?

Under ground

2) How do we get it?

oil rigs
drill (dig) a hole into the ground and insert a pipe (tube) into the hole and pump

3) What is it used for?

it provides energy for (powers) cars, trucks
it’s used to make things

4) Where does it come from?

underground - under the ocean

5) How do we get it?

Machines pump it out
Dig holes into the ground

6)What is it used for?

It’s made into gasoline
It’s used in cars and appliances
It’s used to generate electricity
It’s used to make plastic.

Oil Background Knowledge:
Some pictures of oil:

Interesting Video
* Oil is just not used in objects. It's also used to cook! See we use oil in everything!

-----  * 100 =  

Example: Diesel: 10.04
                          ------------- * 100 = 24
Task Books:

1) What are the kinds of fossil fuels?

Oil, coal, natural gas the three main kinds of fossil fuels.

2) How do we use fossil fuels to get energy?

We burn them.

3) Where/What do we use fossil fuels for?

Electricity generation
In factories

4) What kinds of energy do we get from them?

We get heat energy.

5) What is that energy changed to?

kinetic energy: for transportation or for movement of machines such as in a factory
Electrical energy as in a power plant

We did this simulation to relearn what the chemical energy in food was used for in our body. If you have to much chemical energy in your body it will be stored.  If you use a lot of energy on sports, but do not eat enough you will starve to death. So, everyday to be health we have to eat and do some spots. Balance food and sports. 

After taking the simulation we had to take a quiz.Link to the quiz


  1. The video is about cooking oil, not crude oil. The video is off-topic and it's from an unreliable source.

  2. Good, so where does our chemical energy come from?


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