Saturday, 31 August 2013

Scribe Post #6 30/8/13 - 34/8/13


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Wind energy and solar energy are both renewable resources. But that does not mean there is infinite of those energy resources but still it can last much more than the other ones like petroleum and coal because we probably have the sun as a resource for 4,000,000,000 years and petroleum for probably 40 more years. The good thing is that is does not cause pollution or global warming.

Petroleum and coal are not renewable resources and they also cause pollution to the Earth's atmosphere. But the problem is that we use those resources for almost every thing and if there is no more of petroleum we had to find another way of transporting people by airplanes and by cruses and that would make people out of work or business.

 We were also trying to figure out if it affects the rocket's altitude that it travels if we pump it a different number of times.

We had to get a cylinder jar that has ml measurements

                               Then you pour water inside the rocket.


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