Friday, 30 August 2013

Scribe Post #4 By: Isabella Farhat BL6

        Science Class Summarized into a Great Post!

First we went over what did last class and Fernando's (previous) blogpost. The told us what we were going to do this class:

Class agenda:

Form Answers:

After going over what we were going to do in class, we went over our form answers, the form about energy collaboration, from last class:

Unit 1 Test Study - Question and Answer - Quizlet:

We worked on some vocabulary words that are going to be on the test, on quizlet. If you want to play more, click here.

Here is a picture of everyone working on their vocab words:

Non-renewable resources and Renewable resources:

Mr.Pro told us what are the renewable resources and the un-renewable resources, here are some pictures:

What are our natural resources? How do we categorize them? What are problems with using them?

After that, we watched a few brainpop videos that explain our questions above; Renewable Resources and Un-Renewable Resources, Fossil Fuels:

         Investigation Time!        

How do pumps affect how high a water rocket goes? 
Here is the link to the document where all the instructions are: Link

Discussions start on who's going to be the observer, launcher, and meter stick holder:

Step 1:  Fill the rocket halfway through with water.

Steps 2 and 3: Position the rocket close to the ground, vertically. The Put two meter sticks on top of each other to measure.

Step 4:  Pump the rocket 6 times (to start with).

Step 5: Pull the trigger on the rocket and launch it vertically.

Step 6: Observe and estimate how high the rocket went up.


Steps 7 and 8: Do it over and over again going from 6 to 10 to 14 to 18 (etc.)

Finally, when the investigation is done, Mr.Pro gathers the class and takes notes, everybody collaborates.

Thank you for reading!

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