Thursday, 29 August 2013

Renewable reasources. When will we run out of oil?

     What we did first was start studying for our quiz on September 11th. We are using quizlet. Quizlet is a site where you can study for tests and quizzes. This can be very helpful. The site includes games and flash cards to help toy study for quizzes and tests.Everyone had to play a game on the site and had to beat there previous record. We had used this site before to study for other tests and quizzes in other classes.
After, we watched a brainpop on natural resources, and a brainpop on what the problems are with using them.The main questions we were trying to answer was " What are our natural resources?" " How do we categorize them?" and " What are the problems with using them? After this we answered some questions on natural resources. We learned that oil is not a renewable resource, but it is efficient. Scientists predict we will run out of oil in before the end of the next century. And so there is a lot of research on renewable energy sources like wind,water,and sunlight.
After watching the brainpops, we started doing an investigation and took notes. We used a chart with various numbers while using a pump rocket. On the chart there were numbers. However many numbers there were on the chart you were to pump the pumper in order to fly your rocket. Then you had to right down the information in the chart in your task book. The reason there are meter sticks is because we want to know how many meters up it goes with each pump.
This is a video of Stephanie,Gigi, and Anika trying out the water rocket.

                          Photo taken by: Silvia Tolisano

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