Thursday, 22 August 2013

Oil, Petroleum, Chemical and Food!

    First, we started the class talking a little bit about the class scribe, and how it works. We talked about what you have to put in your posts, and we even graded Mr. Pro's post!

    Then we went to see what the agenda said. We discussed a little bit about the second thing we were going to do. As you can see, we wrote somethings on the board, at the beginning of the class to refresh our memories, and to warm up our brains for the rest of the class.

  Moving on, Mr. Pro showed us the power point presentation which states many different information about fossil fuels/oil/petroleum, and others. We talked about what are the most expensive resources in the world(oil/petroleum). We answered some questions on one of the slides. All the answers were correct, as Mr. Pro said.

    Next up, we did a simulation which we would see how much we ate, and exercised the whole day, and it would calculate how much calories we lost/gained in 2 years. By completing the simulation, we learned a lot about what chemicals food gives us.

By: Vale and Mari

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  1. Look back at the lesson for this class. There's a lot of content missed.


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