Monday, 26 August 2013

Oil, Energy, and Simulation

1. What do I know about the resource that involves the most $$$$$ (money)?
2. How can I analyze my chemical energy and my use of energy?
   a) Simulation
   b) Form
3. Investigation check
4. Video Task- Bill Nye on energy

What do I know about the resource that involves the most money? Powerpoint

1. Where does oil comes from?
Answer: underground

2. How do we get oil?
Answer:  Oil rigs dig a hole into the ground and insert a pipe into the hole and then pump it.

3. What is oil used for?
Answer: Things such as: Gasoline, plastic, it provides energy for things such as car, trucks and other things.


Oil Background Knowledge
  • Oil is a fossil fuel.  Other fossil fuels are coal and natural gas.

  • Oil is used for three main things:
    1. Transportation
      • Oil’s chemical energy → thermal → kinetic of ______ & ________.

  1. Power Plants & Factories
    • Oil’s chemical energy → thermal of water → kinetic of steam → electricity.

  1. Materials
    • There are many things made from oil!

Things made from oil we use in our daily life

How does oil have stored chemical energy from the sun?
  • Oil was made over millions of years from tiny plants and animals that fell to the sea floor.
  • Plankton’s chemical energy ultimately comes from the sun.
    • light energy (from sun) →  chemical energy (in plankton).
  • Plankton die and sink to the bottom of the sea and eventually their bodies get covered by sand.
  • Plankton are compressed, heated over a long time and become oil.
Then, the challenge is to extract the oil.


Oil is found under land and under bodies of water.
Offshore oil rigs extract oil from under the seabed. 
There are often problems associated with extracting this oil.

  • If the whole barrel is 42 gallon,
  • What % of oil is made into
    • Gasoline
    • Diesel
    • Jet fuel
    • Calculate % using:

    • Number/total x 100%
  • diesel :10.04/42 x 100% = 24%
  • other distillates (heating oil) = 1.24/42 x 100% = 3%
  • jet fuel = 3.91/42 x 100% = 9%
  • other products = 16%
  • heavy fuel oil = 4%
  • LPG = 4%
  • Gasoline = 46% 

  1. What are the kinds of fossil fuels?
    Answer: Oil, coal, natural gas the three main kinds of fossil fuels.
  2. How do we use fossil fuels to get energy?
    Answer: We burn them.
  3. Where/What do we use fossil fuels for?
    Electricity generation
    In factories
  4. What kinds of energy do we get from them?
    Answer: We get heat energy.
  5. What is that energy changed to?
Answer: kinetic energy: for transportation or for movement of machines such as in a factory
Electrical energy as in a power plant


We were suppose to put what we eat on that day and what sports you did and you would see how much body weight you had, and how healthy you were. 

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